Highlights from President Joe Biden’s Historic Address to the Nation!

🔵 We are committed to building a brighter tomorrow in the Middle East. 🔵 We have reached an agreement with Israeli officials for humanitarian aid shipments to Gaza. 🔵 I spoke with Netanyahu, and Israel will act in accordance with the laws of war. 🔵 America is a beacon for the world, and we will continue to be that light. 🔵 We reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the security of Read More …

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What Does President Joe Biden’s National Security and Defense Strategy Tell Us?

What Does President Joe Biden's National Security and Defense Strategy Tell Us?

The US administration, under the leadership of President Joe Biden, has released a new “National Security Strategy.” This new strategy is of great importance as it directly concerns not only the United States but also the global world and all of us. The strategy document published by the US government is crucial in terms of anticipating and shaping the policies that the Biden administration plans to implement in the future. Read More …

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