What Does President Joe Biden’s National Security and Defense Strategy Tell Us?

What Does President Joe Biden's National Security and Defense Strategy Tell Us?

The US administration, under the leadership of President Joe Biden, has released a new “National Security Strategy.” This new strategy is of great importance as it directly concerns not only the United States but also the global world and all of us. The strategy document published by the US government is crucial in terms of anticipating and shaping the policies that the Biden administration plans to implement in the future. Particularly in today’s world, which is experiencing various issues such as global inflation, the oil crisis, the Ukraine-Russia war, the strategic vision of the United States contains significant key statements. Considering all these factors, understanding and interpreting the national security and defense strategy of the Biden administration will be an important achievement for all of us.

First and foremost, it is evident that President Joe Biden and his team emphasize that the world is at a critical turning point in their new era strategy, and they draw attention to important global powers such as Russia and China. The strategy highlights China’s intention to reshape the international order and its aspiration for global leadership, stating that the United States will continue to compete with China decisively in the new era strategy.

Regarding Russia, the strategy document emphasizes that Putin and his country pose a global threat. It outlines a roadmap for the United States to continue exerting pressure on the Russian government and companies both politically and economically in order to sustain the fight against Russia.

In this ongoing period of the Russia-Ukraine war, the published strategy also contains important information about Ukraine. The National Security Strategy of the United States, which could not be published last year due to the Russia-Ukraine war, dedicates a significant portion of the text to this war, albeit delayed. It is observed that the military and diplomatic support provided by the United States to Ukraine will continue. Furthermore, it is stated that the membership process of countries such as Georgia and Moldova in the EU will be supported. Another issue addressed in the strategy document is the provision of necessary support for the maintenance of democratic structures, the rule of law, and economic development in the Balkans and the Caucasus. It is also mentioned in the strategy document that Middle Eastern countries and societies should be integrated into the global system, and the reduction of existing US resources in this region is highlighted. As for African countries, it is stated that they will be on the agenda of the United States concerning issues such as demographic growth and innovation, and efforts will be made to establish partnerships.

President Joe Biden’s new era strategy emphasizes that it will be in competition in various aspects, including political, economic, and miscellaneous areas, and highlights that partnerships and alliances, both national and international, are among the most important values of their strategies.

The strategy also focuses on the most fundamental problems related to the world and humanity. It is evident that the Biden administration plans to undertake initiatives in international politics to combat common global issues such as food insecurity, infectious diseases, climate change, and inflation.

As the government’s foreign policy strategy and vision, it is stated that the United States will focus on protecting its interests for a freer, more prosperous, and democratic world. The main dynamics of this strategy document are stated to be the security interests of the American nation, increasing economic opportunities, and defending democracy. It is noteworthy that the strategy emphasizes the need to increase employment and investment within the country and emphasizes the significant support the government will provide on this issue.

Another notable point in the New Era National Strategy Document is the mention of efforts to modernize the United States military and investment in the defense workforce.

Finally, it should be noted that the strategy document of the Biden administration, which could not be published last year, is a document that predicts a comprehensive strategy for both domestic and foreign policy issues this year. As the United States approaches the 2024 presidential elections, President Joe Biden and his administration’s strategic vision carry critical importance before the election. The strategic vision outlined by Biden is a document that will significantly impact not only the political future of the United States in the current global crisis and inflationary environment but also his fate as a potential second-term president. The extent to which the predicted and envisioned policies in the published “National Security and Defense Strategy” will materialize and succeed is a matter of curiosity for the whole world.

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