Who are we

Who are we
The International Institute for Politics, Intelligence, and Economic Research is an independent think tank and research center. Our institute conducts research in the fields of politics, intelligence, and economics, and produces scientific studies on these subjects.

Our Responsibilities

Political Research: Our institute examines political processes and international relations, providing information to policymakers and decision-makers. Within this framework, we conduct studies on topics such as international relations, foreign policy, security policies, international organizations, diplomacy, and regional integration.

Intelligence Research: Our institute investigates intelligence activities, intelligence collection and analysis methods, and the structure and functioning of intelligence agencies. We focus on topics such as intelligence collection techniques, cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and national security strategies, providing information to policymakers and security institutions.

Economic Research: Our institute explores economic policies, economic growth, financial systems, and international trade. We work on subjects including macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic development, economic crises, globalization, and trade policies, providing analyses to policymakers, economists, and the business community.

Our Work

Research Reports: We prepare in-depth analysis reports on international politics, intelligence, and economics. These reports shed light on the decision-making processes of policymakers and offer policy recommendations.

Books: We publish detailed and comprehensive reports focused on specific topics in the fields of politics, intelligence, or economics. These books may include literature reviews, statistical data, modeling, and policy recommendations.

Conferences and Seminars: Our institute organizes conferences and seminars, bringing together experts, academics, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders in the fields of politics, intelligence, and economics. These events involve discussions on current issues, presentations of research findings, and the sharing of different perspectives.

Policy Recommendations: Based on our research findings, we provide policy recommendations to policymakers and decision-makers. These recommendations aim to contribute to more effective policy decisions and better outcomes in areas such as international relations, security, and the economy.

Data Analysis and Modeling: We utilize data analysis and modeling methods in the fields of politics, intelligence, and economics. Our institute analyzes statistical data, applies quantitative and qualitative research methods, and develops mathematical and statistical models to make projections about the future.

Strategic Planning: Our institute, operating in the fields of politics and intelligence, engages in long-term strategic planning. These plans serve as important guides to define the policy goals of a country or an institution, assess risks, and effectively allocate resources.

Education and Awareness: We also contribute to education and awareness activities in the fields of politics, intelligence, and economics. Through seminars, courses, publications, websites, and social media, we reach a wide audience, increasing knowledge levels within society and contributing to discussions.

The objectives of our institute are to conduct in-depth research in international politics, intelligence, and economics, and to provide evidence-based knowledge and analysis. These studies help policymakers, academics, researchers, and other stakeholders make better-informed policy decisions and enhance public understanding.

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