France’s Anti-Russia Diplomatic Moves: Predictions and Possible Scenarios

French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements and significant declarations regarding the Russia-Ukraine war have been widely covered in the international community for weeks. Especially since the beginning of the war, France, which has provided a certain level of support to Ukraine, finds its rhetoric and moves of critical importance as the war seems to be stalemated in Ukraine’s favor and Russia’s advances are highlighted. The delay in U.S. assistance and the Read More …

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What is happening in France? Historic uprising from the French people!

What is happening in France Historic uprising from the French people!

Macron’s dance with Elton John and the rebellion in France, a revolt on the axis of racism and inequality! In a sense, France has a historical tradition of uprisings and street incidents. Such a tradition has always existed in France. There are even guidebooks on how to rebel in France. From the Storming of the Bastille to the French Revolution and up to the present day, hundreds of uprisings and Read More …

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