The Deepening Complexity of US-Israel Relations: Historical Processes and International Dynamics

The origins of the ties between the United States (US) and Israel are the manifestation of a highly intricate historical process. The relationships between these two societies, which have a deep-rooted past, fundamentally encompass political, economic, and religious dynamics shaped around specific strategies.

Although the relationships between the elites and people who founded Israel and the US society date back to the 18th century, the actual relations began with the establishment of Israel. The founding process of the Israeli state and the active role of the US during this process laid the groundwork for the relationship between the two countries. Particularly, due to the Holocaust tragedy during World War II, which targeted Jews, an international public opinion was formed, and a significant support process began. The idea of establishing a Jewish State, proposed during this period, found support, and in 1947, the United Nations (UN) accepted the plan to partition Palestine, leading to the official establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. The US was among the first countries to recognize the newly established state.

In the ensuing years, due to the US’s Middle East strategy and plans, the rapprochement between Israel and the US increased, evolving into an alliance. Indeed, during this period, Israel acted as a shield for the US against the Soviet Union’s expansionism in the Middle East. Similarly, Israel’s interests and policies in the region aligned with those of the US, further increasing the closeness between the two countries, leading them to adopt joint policies and act together.

Another fundamental reason for the rapprochement between the two countries is the presence of the Jewish lobby in the US. The Jewish community, with significant influence in American politics, contributed to strengthening the ties and elevating the relationship to the level of an alliance. Through lobbying activities, the two countries have strengthened their relations not only politically but also militarily, economically, and socially.

The military and economic aid provided by the US to Israel since its founding process plays a significant role in this relationship. The US provides Israel with billions of dollars in aid annually. These aids are primarily aimed at enhancing Israel’s defense capabilities and ensuring its continued significant influence in the region. Additionally, these aids directly contribute to Israel’s development and the strengthening of its economy.

The political rapprochement between the two countries has, over time, also allowed for the formation and development of religious and cultural ties. Particularly, the increase in the ideologically Jewish and religiously Jewish population in the US and lobbying activities have facilitated the establishment of cultural unity and solidarity between the two countries. The emotional bond that has formed has brought the two peoples closer together, creating common ground not just between states but also within societies.

In conclusion, the close relationships established on the basis of strategy have, over time, evolved into a framework of alliance involving political, economic, military, religious, and cultural aspects. The historical ties established between the two countries are steadfastly maintained, based on all the dynamics mentioned above. Indeed, the recent war between Israel and Hamas has further advanced the rapprochement between the US and Israel to a new level.

Written by UMUT GUNER.

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