A Frightening Quest in Armament: DNA Weaponization and Genetic Data

The Chinese company Fire-Eye has achieved significant success not only in deciphering the genetic code of viruses using machines capable of unraveling genetic instructions worldwide but also in deciphering the genetic code of humans. Fire-Eye laboratories continue to utilize this technology for genetic weaponization and the collection of human biological data, drawing the attention of Western intelligence agencies.

China is not only advancing in genetics but is also expanding its international influence by acquiring Western genetic companies. Fire-Eye laboratories are rapidly expanding their operations, operating in over 20 countries across four continents, including Canada, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Australia.

US intelligence officials believe that Covid-19 was intentionally spread by China and used as a type of experiment. Such claims are a significant source of tension in international relations.

Furthermore, the US government has blacklisted organizations affiliated with China’s BGI, alleging that these organizations analyze genetic material collected to assist in the oppression of ethnic and religious minorities in the country.

Chinese scholars and military scientists are making efforts to develop biological weapons that can target populations based on their genetic characteristics in the future, a development that raises concerns in international security matters.

China aims to become a global leader in biotechnology by 2035, using biotechnology as a tool to challenge the United States’ position in world dominance. China is vigorously working to gain access to the genetic data of all countries on the international stage. These developments are one of the significant issues that could impact future international relations.

Written by Umut Guner

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