The Spy Wars Have Reached Dangerous Dimensions!

Russian spies are back, and more dangerous than ever!

Kremlin intelligence agencies have learned from their mistakes of the past two years.

American intelligence, led by CIA director William Burns, had openly mocked the intelligence errors and vulnerabilities of Russian intelligence since the beginning of the Ukraine war. This was highly humiliating for Russia.

However, Russian intelligence, learning from its mistakes, stepped up its game. They even overtly engaged in actions that could lead to assassinations in other countries. Most recently, Russian pilot Maksim Kuzminov, who had defected to Ukraine during the war, was assassinated in Spain.

The world is currently a cauldron of chaos in terms of intelligence agencies. Not only the CIA and the Russian intelligence FSB, but many countries have embarked on a hunt for spies. Turkish intelligence, in recent years, has been detecting and arresting numerous agents within the country. These arrests continue intensively.

As intelligence agencies pursue agents, the agents themselves have evolved to a point where they openly engage in assassinations without hesitation.


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