France President Macron is playing for the role of Europe’s new leader as the New Napoleon!

Macron is taking all the bold steps necessary to become the new leader of Europe!

Currently, the European leader who speaks out against Putin and demonstrates the most steadfast stance is French President Emmanuel Macron.

Under Macron’s leadership, France has begun to fill the power vacuum in Europe on various issues, including political instability among European countries. Macron’s actions and statements are causing frustration for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in particular.

Especially after the revelation of Germany’s political, military, and economic weaknesses in recent years, France is emerging as a new force, and Macron is becoming a new leader for Europe. I believe that in the coming days, Macron will take bolder steps against Putin, provide even more support to Ukraine, and make moves that will change the fate and course of the Ukraine-Russia war.

The leadership of Emmanuel Macron, his charismatic personality, and statesmanship may be debatable, but the French army remains one of the world’s most powerful. France’s military strength ranks in the top ten globally and in the top three in Europe.

Umut Guner

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