What is Israel’s Iron Dome system? How does the Iron Dome technology work?

What is Israel's Iron Dome system? How does the Iron Dome technology work?

The Iron Dome is an air defense system used as a significant security measure against attacks on Israel. This effective system has rendered approximately 90% of the around 3,000 rockets launched towards Israeli territory ineffective since the beginning of the Hamas-Israel conflict.

The fundamental operating principle of the Iron Dome relies on a precise radar detecting rockets from distances of 4 to 70 kilometers and then predicting their trajectory and potential impact points. Designed to provide a rapid response to rockets threatening population centers, the system does not intercept rockets calculated to land in unpopulated areas, thereby preventing resource waste.

The cost of each Iron Dome missile is approximately between 40,000 to 50,000 dollars. Engineered to function effectively under all weather conditions, this system is utilized to protect various regions of Israel.

Each Iron Dome battery has the capacity to protect an area of 155 square kilometers, creating a broad security network covering different regions of Israel.

Since the beginning of the Hamas-Israel conflict, Iron Dome is recognized as one of the world’s most advanced air defense systems, neutralizing thousands of missiles.

Written by Umut Guner

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