Weaponization of Food and Its Impact on Global Security

The use of food as a weapon and a tool of war has been one of the fundamental causes of the greatest catastrophes humanity has faced throughout history, creating crises that have shattered states, plunged societies into turmoil, and led to famine and conflict. Even today, food continues to be actively employed as a weapon and a tool of war, just as it has been throughout history. Despite humanity’s historical Read More …

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Highlights from President Joe Biden’s Historic Address to the Nation!

🔵 We are committed to building a brighter tomorrow in the Middle East. 🔵 We have reached an agreement with Israeli officials for humanitarian aid shipments to Gaza. 🔵 I spoke with Netanyahu, and Israel will act in accordance with the laws of war. 🔵 America is a beacon for the world, and we will continue to be that light. 🔵 We reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the security of Read More …

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What is Israel’s Iron Dome system? How does the Iron Dome technology work?

What is Israel's Iron Dome system? How does the Iron Dome technology work?

The Iron Dome is an air defense system used as a significant security measure against attacks on Israel. This effective system has rendered approximately 90% of the around 3,000 rockets launched towards Israeli territory ineffective since the beginning of the Hamas-Israel conflict. The fundamental operating principle of the Iron Dome relies on a precise radar detecting rockets from distances of 4 to 70 kilometers and then predicting their trajectory and Read More …

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